Our Mission

The overall mission of the SRCD Latinx Caucus is to promote conceptually and methodologically rigorous research conducted with Latinx children, youth, and families that represents their (1) diversity, (2) normative development, and (3) inherent strengths (cultural, linguistic, etc.).  This work will be accomplished by efforts strategically targeting the following goals:

  • To advise the Executive Committee, Governing Council, the Committee on Ethnic and Racial Issues, and the Biennial Meeting Program Chair/Co-Chairs on issues regarding Latinx children, youth, and families in regards to publications, programs, and events associated with SRCD, as well as the broader field of child development.

  • To participate fully in the Biennial Meetings of the Society for Research in Child Development. This includes official business meetings, invited symposia, invited conversation hours, and/or pre-conference events.

  • To advocate for greater representation of Latinx researchers and researchers with expertise studying Latinx children, youth and families, who are associate or consulting editors of publications of the society and other publications in the field of child development.

  • To increase the validity of the conceptualization, methodology and interpretation of the results conducted with Latinx children, youth and families developing guidelines to conduct sound research with this population.

  • To develop greater capacity within the child development research community by  improving the recruitment, retention, training and related professional development activities of researchers interested in studying issues related to Latinx children, youth and families.

  • To develop periodic monographs and post information on the SRCD Latinx Caucus website to facilitate dissemination of the latest research on issues particularly relevant to Latinx children, youth & families to various audiences (researchers, practitioners, policymakers, educators & the general public).

  • To advocate for Federal and non-Federal funding priorities for research proposals aimed at identifying the role of key factors (i.e.,  language, culture, education, acculturation, immigration, income, prevention/intervention programs) to family functioning & its impact on the normative development and resilience of Latinx children & youth.

  • To publish documents to address social issues relevant to the Latinx families, children, & youth to promote their healthy functioning, through the development and implementation of policies and best practices that increase equitable economic, educational and social participation in this society.