Thank you for joining us at the SRCD 2019!

Thursday, March 21, 2019

  • Café con Leche
    Senior Latino researchers: strengthen the pipeline by networking with junior Latino researchers!
  • Latinx or Latino/a?
    “Considerations and Future Directions in the Use of Terminology in Research”
    Panelists: Lucia Alcalá, Mayra Bámaca-Colbert, Melissa Delgado, and Carlos Santos
    Moderator: Linda C. Halgunseth
  • Joint SRCD Latino Caucus and National Research Center on Hispanic Children and Families Mentoring Event


Friday, March 21, 2019
SRCD Tri-Caucus T-Shirt Solidarity Day!

  • Town Hall
    “SRCD at the Intersection of Science and Social Policy”
    Panelists: Natasha Cabrera, Rich Lee, Laura Namy, Seth Pollak, Barbara Rogoff, Eleanor Seaton, and Emilie Smith
    Moderators: Deborah Johnson and Gabriela Livas Stein
  • Roundtable Presentation and Tribute to Dr. Ray Buriel
    “Generational Differences, Family Functioning, and Language Brokering Among Mexican Americans: A Tribute to Ray Buriel”
    Panelists: Juan Buriel, Cynthia García Coll, Linda C. Halgunseth, and James Rodríguez
    Additional Participants: Barbara Rogoff, Stefanie Martínez-Fuentes, and Kayla Puente
    Moderator: James Rodríguez
  • SRCD Latino Caucus Business Meeting, Awards, and Reception