Latino Caucus Newsletter: February 2016

Greetings from the Steering Committee!

We have been busy these past seven months planning ways to make the Latino Caucus a vibrant and intellectually stimulating community that is connected and productive. Here you will find reports from each of our subcommittees. As the Chair, I want to thank the members of the committees for all of their hard work thus far!

Presence – We are looking forward to establishing an online presence and continuing our planning for the 2017 Biennial Meeting in Austin.
Collaboration – We have been connecting with the leadership of the Asian and Black Caucuses and have submitted joint proposals for programming in Austin. We are also considering other ways to enhance our connection across the Caucuses.
Research – The Steering Committee has also been discussing ways to support the research mission of the caucus. Toward that end, we will be announcing the creation of two awards (dissertation, early career) that will be given at the 2017 meeting.

Look for more updates on the research front by the end of the Spring. It has been exciting working with such a committed and hard-working Steering Committee, and I am looking forward to our continued work as we near Austin.

Gabriela Livas Stein, Chair

Announcement: The Latino Caucus needs a Logo!

Members can enter our Logo Design Competition by emailing original designs to The winning designer will receive two-years of free Caucus dues!

This competition is now closed.

Subcommittee Happenings

Biennial Subcommittee

Members: Gabriela Livas Stein (Chair), Cynthia García Coll, Michael López, Henry González, Gabriela Barajas-González, & Lisa López

We will be hosting a Café con Leche networking event, our usual business meeting/party, and we are hoping to provide members with easy ways to identify relevant programming. Early this summer, we will also be suggesting a platform for caucus members to connect to support submissions for the conference.

Nominations Subcommittee

Members: Linda Halgunseth (Chair), Feliz Quiñones, & Alexander Reid

We will send out a Call for Nominations in July 2016 for the next election of 2017-2019 Latino Caucus Steering Committee Members. Nominations will be collected until October 2019. Consider if you, or someone you know, would like to serve in a leadership role!

Membership & Networking Subcommittee

Members: Linda Halgunseth (Chair), Rosa I. Toro, Alexander Reid, & Johayra Bouza

We have been proposing activities, resources, and benefits that will support the research, mentoring, and networking of our members. They want to hear from you! In 2016, you will receive a short survey asking members to prioritize networking activities and membership events for the Latino Caucus to spearhead in the upcoming years.

Publications & Communications Subcommittee

Members: Rebecca M. B. White (Chair), Gustavo Carlo, Daisy E.Camacho-Thompson, Doré LaForett, & Norma Pérez-Brena

We are working to re-establish a meaningful online presence capable of meeting members’ diverse needs. We strive to invest in tools that:

  1. are easily sustained across leadership transitions, and
  2. can be maintained and monitored efficiently.

Finance Subcommittee

Members: Ximena Franco (Chair), Gabriela Livas Stein, & Viridiana Benítez

We are exploring ways to generate funds for our upcoming events and working on a list of funding resources for members. Stay tuned!


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