Latino Caucus Newsletter: January 2019

Happy New Year, Members!

We have many exciting things to report to you. First, we have held our most successful fundraiser to date, allowing us to fund dissertation, early- and mid-career awards to researchers advancing knowledge on the inherent strengths and normative development of Latino children and families. Second, we have raised the visibility of our members’ scholarship via our Member Spotlights, Google Scholar Page, Conference “Cheat Sheets,” and communication platforms (e.g., listserv, social media outlets). Third, we have made it a priority to strengthen the career pipeline of our members by sponsoring Latino Caucus awards and elections, nominating members for international awards, and working with the SRCD Tri-Caucus to nominate members to key leadership positions in order to increase the representation of diverse view points and research interests within the Society. We look forward to seeing you in Baltimore at our many events and introducing the 2019-2021 steering committee! We are very grateful for your support of the SRCD Latino Caucus mission.

Linda Halgunseth, Chair

Introducing the 2019-2021 Steering Committee!

Nominations Committee: Lisa López (Chair), Sarah Killoren, & Linda C. Halgunseth

The nomination subcommittee thanks everyone who agreed to be nominated along with everyone who voted for our new steering committee. We had a large turnout of voters and are excited to welcome the new steering committee at our business meeting during the biennial.

Chair: Lisa López

Chair-Elect: Melissa Delgado

Secretary: Doré LaForett

Treasurer: Rosa Toro

Technical Advisor/Social Media Manager: Erika Hernandez

Members at Large:

  • Margarita Azmitia
  • Mayra Bámaca-Colbert
  • Carola Suárez-Orozco

Student Representatives

  • Lorena Aceves
  • Franklin Moreno
  • Feliz Quiñones

Café con Leche

Graduate Student Representative Committee: Johayra Bouza & Feliz Quiñones

Time for senior and junior researchers to network! Senior researchers: Help promote the pipeline and networking of graduate and early career Latino scholars, while enjoying café con leche.

Thursday 3/21 @ 9:30 – 11:00 am, Baltimore Convention Center Room 336

Subcommittee Happenings

 The Caucus has over 250 members!

Membership & Networking Committee: Lisa López (Chair), Alysha Ramirez Hall, Sarah Killoren, & Alexander Reid

The membership subcommittee has been busy working alongside SRCD to make sure we know who our members are. When you join or renew your Caucus membership you should receive a welcome email. We will soon begin working on compiling a list of members’ biennial presentations. Be on the lookout for a request for your presentation information.

Join us at SRCD for These Events

Biennial Committee: Linda C. Halgunseth (Chair), R. Gabriela Barajas-Gonzales, Cynthia García Coll, Natalia Palacios, & Diamond Bravo

Thursday (3/21): Roundtable discussion “Latinx or Latino?: Considerations and Future Directions in the Use of Terminology in Research” from 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm, Baltimore Convention Center, Room 314. (seee also Café con Leche)

Friday (3/22): Roundtable discussion: “Generational Differences, Family Functioning, and Language Brokering Among Mexican Americans: A Tribute to Ray Buriel” from 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm, Baltimore Convention Center, Room 314. Immediately following, join us for a reception and for the SRCD Latino Caucus Business Meeting/Reception (4:30 pm – 9:00 pm, Location TBD).

Tri-Caucus Lounge: Thanks to SRCD we now have a Tri-Caucus Lounge Room (Room 336) in the Baltimore Convention Center! Come and network or relax in between sessions with likeminded researchers.

Statements of Evidence, Spotlights, and More…

Publications & Communications Committee: Rebecca M. B. White (Chair), Daisy E. Camacho-Thompson, Gustavo Carlo, Doré LaForett, Norma Pérez-Brena, & Omar Ruvalcaba

We thank all of the members who supported the caucus’ first official publication, an SRCD statement of the evidence on family separations. We encourage you to continue to learn about members’ contributions to strengths-based understandings of Latino families and youth through our spotlights, highlighted on our website, Facebook group, Twitter, and Instagram.

A Successful Silent Auction

Finance Committee: Ximena Franco (Chair), Johayra Bouza, & Rosa Toro

The Silent Auction was a success! We were able to raise $3,156 to support our research awards.

The 15-year anniversary T-shirts go on sale on February 1st. Support fellow members and wear your t-shirts to the Biennial conference.

Our Social Network Continues to Expand!

Social Media Committee: Daisy E. Camacho-Thompson (Chair), Erika Hernandez, & Feliz Quiñones

Thanks to your engagement with our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts, our networks continue to expand!

Live Tweeting at SRCD: We are currently seeking members interested in live-Tweeting during the conference to our 200 followers. Interested? Please email

Listserv: Did you know that, as a member, you can post to our listserv? Simply send announcements to:

As always stay in touch!


Congratulations to our 2019 Award Recipients

Awards Committee: Linda C. Halgunseth (Chair), R. Gabriela Barajas-Gonzalez, Cynthia García Coll, Natalia Palacios, & Diamond Bravo (early and mid-career award only)

Our 2019 SRCD Latino Caucus Awardees are:

Mid Career Award:

  • Gigliana Melzi

Early Career Award:

  • Rebecca Covarrubias
  • Carlos Santos

Dissertation Award:

  • Fiorella Carlos Chavez
  • Diamond Bravo

Learn more about our awardees.

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